Men's Waxing 

Need a little manscaping? Waxing specialist Yani understands that mens waxing has different perfect requirements than women - using special techniques and products for greater comfort and perfect results. No matter what the male waxing requirement, from mansilians, boysilians, chest waxing, back waxing, leg waxing, ears or even full body waxing,  the talented Yani will have you  hair free in no time...


Body Part




1/2 arm


3/4 arm


full arm


Under arm


1/2 leg


3/4 leg


Full leg

From $70

Bikini line/ Speedo









From $60 - $80 









Full Body

(subject to inspection)


Why do men wax?

Male waxing has become popular for lots of reasons! Some just don't like to be hairy, just like women. For others, hair can get in the way of athletic performance, for example with runners, triathletes or swimmers. Men that spend a lot of time in the gym like to wax to flaunt their new found physique. Some men experience troublesome shaving rashes, so facial waxing offers the perfect solution.


Male waxing south of the river

Yani Spa is situated in Como, making her male waxing services very suitable for men living in the surrounding suburbs of Applecross, South Perth, Manning, Kensington, East Victoria Park, Victoria Park, St James, Wilson and  Bentley.