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Sawadee Ka...


Hello, my name is Yani. Sawadee Ka is the traditional Thai greeting that I know and love, as I was born and raised in North Thailand. I trained in beauty therapy in Bangkok and came to Australia some 15 years ago.


Today I have a day spa in South Perth. From here I enjoy treating my clients to authentic Thai massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone and aromatherapy massage, along with various spa treatments and, of course, waxing  a service of mine that has become increasingly popular. All my treatments are available to both men and women.


In keeping with my Thai background, I like to offer all my clients a wonderful escape from their daily lives in a friendly and relaxed manner in the way that only Thai people can! My treatments are indulgent, blissful but strictly nonsexual.


Experience a touch of Thai pampering today.


For all bookings and enquiries, please contact me here.